Digital Petaluma

Digital Petaluma

A set of 3D models and scenes for Blender, 3DS Max and Vue d'Esprit, featuring many of the beautiful Victorian era and 50's buildings around historic Downtown Petaluma, CA.

More details on this product coming soon...



Built the brand, site and software for this set of tools for webmasters to help visitors bookmark and share the site, without the cookies and other privacy issues that come with some other similar products.

iPhone templates for developers and designers

iPhones for mockups

PSD versions of iPhones in both black and white, ready to use for mock ups of iPhone apps, or for display on websites. Both are 100% for any use and available for download.

Our Wordpress Plugins


Bringing a non-tracking sharing and bookmarking widget to your Wordpress site. A must-have plugin for sharing your site without violating the privacy and security of your visitors. No more EU Cookie Law compliance issues!

aSlyder for Wordpress

An interface for the aSlyder slideshow engine by Avant for each integration and configuration within the Wordpress administration environment.

JAM | Javascript App Manager

JAM allows easy 1-click installing and loading of many of your favorite jQuery plugins and applications, as well as easy loading of the pre-installed jQuery libraries packaged with Wordpress. No more hard-coding requests into the theme!